Siete Lagos, San Pablo

You smile to yourself and wish you could bring back that child in you. You find time to ponder on ideas of how the simplicity of yesterday could be the most relaxing feeling you have amidst the sorrows of today. A project that symbolizes HOPE for every people facing the difficulties in life.

Additional Information

What organizations will support this playground project?: RPVH Association
How will you ensure your playground is ready to be installed by Kiwanis One Day 2020?: 100% sure that our Mini Playground already installed and ready for used.
Please feel free to include additional comments about your application.: The club built a colourful playground with handwash area at Richwood Park Village. Using old tires and old steel that bought in the junkyard and paint colorful design. It stands as one of the most beautiful views of the park. A logo of Kiwanis International was installed to remind everyone that there will always be a group of people who look beyond the hardships we all experience. When the lockdowns are over, the children will fill the playground with laughter and joy of being with friends and neighbours once more. This is our DREAM – to serve the children of the world.