Saranac Lake

The Kiwanis Club of Saranac Lake, The Parks and Trails Advisory Board and Village leadership understands that parks provide important assets for residents, local businesses, and regional tourism. The urban and natural parkland resources located in the Village of Saranac Lake protect environmentally sensitive ecosystems and provide civic spaces that celebrate the character of this unique community located in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains. We propose to renovate our outdated Town Park so kids and adults can safely recreate outdoors. Saranac Lake is a rural community, population 5-6 thousand. Funding is tight. Legacy of Play would enable us to improve this important community safe haven for kids.
The park is generally used as a children’s playground, open play areas and includes springing animals, seesaw, slide, whirl feature, and 2 steel climbing bar sets. Other features include a basketball court, tennis court, picnic tables, trash cans, and a bike rack.
• A modern jungle gym with multiple slides and climbing features.
• Gates at the two pedestrian access points for improved safety.
• A pavilion with picnic table, tables located near the basketball court game area.
• Benches, waste/recycling bins, pet waste station, electrical outlets and water fountain.
• A fenced dog play area could be placed behind the tennis courts.
• Stripe the tennis court for use as a pickleball court.
• Provide additional lower basketball hoops for younger children.
• Play elements like sand boxes, slides, seesaws, and other features for toddlers.
• Unified Park Signage that will add cohesion to the park. Park sign and sign with list of features/activities.
• The existing teeter totter should be repaired or replaced.
• The current court play surfaces are in poor condition and should be resurfaced.
• Trees drop debris that affects court games. Trim landscaping and trees to open and dry the park. Improve lawn mowing.
• The evergreen trees are not in good condition and should be removed.
• The stone retaining wall along Ampersand Avenue and Broadway should be maintained to promote the longevity of this feature.
• Clean litter and debris around the edges of the park

Additional Information

Parks and Trails Advisory Board, Village of Saranac Lake, Kiwanis Club of Saranac Lake
This outdated playground already exists our recommended upgrades for safety, accessibility and use can be implemented as soon as funding is secured.
The Village of Saranac Lake is widely recognized as one the Adirondack’s premier communities. Scenic natural beauty, historic architecture, dynamic cultural themes and year around recreational opportunities combine to create a compelling destination. Residents and visitors cherish the irreplaceable assets that have been preserved and protected by generations of caring land owners, local businesses, and regional stakeholders. It is through this thoughtful management of resources that the Village of Saranac Lake stands to represent the authenticity this region provides. Protection, enhancement and stewardship of these unique attributes is essential to the continued creative evolution and growth of the Village and maintenance of their parks. Here is a list of priority projects for the park: Provide speed control measures at the pedestrian crossing at Ampersand Avenue and Broadway, including curb bump-outs at the crosswalk and flashing signage • Provide park signage and improved landscaping at the intersection. • Provide a modern jungle gym with multiple slides and climbing features to increase children’s use of the park. • Provide a bike rack, picnic tables, benches, grills, drinking fountain, waste and recycle containers and a pet waste station. • Install a picnic pavilion near the basketball court. • Resurface and improve the tennis court. • Replace the seesaw with musical play equipment. • Provide equipment and safety precautions for smaller kids (gates, surfaces, and buffers). • Thin and remove existing trees, limbs and vegetation to improve safety and to increase natural lighting and improved use of the court games. • Replace the existing lights between the tennis court and basketball court.