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This project is a renovation and upgrading to the Kiwanis Playground located in Tweed Memorial Park. The aim is to replace equipment that no longer meets safety standards and to provide an accessible playground for all individuals to enjoy. The Memorial Park located on Highway 37 not only provides a location for local individuals to play, it is also a popular stop for families traveling through Tweed to their cottage or to a campground or other tourist sites outside of our community.

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What organizations will support this playground project?: Municipality of Tweed, Tweed Family Feud Committee, Tweed Festival of Trees,
How will you ensure your playground is ready to be installed by Kiwanis One Day 2020?: Our Club and Municipality have partnered together over the years and have been able to meeting deadlines both for the construction and fundraising . Our Club recently met with the representatives of the ABC Recreation Ltd. who assured the committee that if there was a June start date the construction would be finished in July. Our fund raising efforts are well underway with a number of grant applications submitted, in additions to plans underway for fundraisers. This community has been very supportive to community projects that our Kiwanis has undertaken over the years and we are confident that this support will continue with this proposal.
Please feel free to include additional comments about your application.: KIWANIS CLUB OF TWEED AND THE MUNICIPALITY OF TWEED PARTNERSHIP FOR MAKING LIFE BETTER FOR ALL CHILDREN ACCESSIBLE PLAYGROUND PROJECT Background The Kiwanis Club of Tweed commenced the development of a playground in the Tweed Memorial Park in 1998 and have maintained the equipment and site since its initial development. With guidance from the Municipality of Tweed, members have repaired the playground, added equipment and removed equipment that no longer met safety standards. Now some 22 years later the site, although still well used, is tired and in need of repair. Most importantly, the park lacks equipment for children with special needs. Our Kiwanis Playground Committee proposed to the Board of Directors and the general membership that we re-develop the site to bring it up to today’s standards. Following Club member approval, the Playground Committee approached the Municipality requesting their partnership in order to make this dream of an accessible playground a reality. The Municipality of Tweed enthusiastically supported our request with the passing of a resolution on October 22, 2019 What is Planned? The Kiwanis Club of Tweed, in partnership with the Municipality of Tweed, has embarked on a very exciting journey to replace outdated playground equipment in Tweed Memorial Park with an accessible playground open to all children and adults within our community. We believe that there should be no limitations on a child’s ability to play nor an adult’s ability to want to play with that child. The project will see the present playground equipment removed and any equipment that still meets today’s safety standards re-installed at an alternative playground within the Municipality, thus providing equipment for another neighbourhood. The next stages of Accessible Playground Project require preparation of the area; installation of the rubber matting and sand surfacing; and installation of accessible playground equipment. Our accessible playground project includes equipment for children up to the age of 14. The plan includes a variety of equipment that specializes in engaging sensory, motor, cognitive and social skills, including spinners, swings, panels, slides, ladders, toddler swing, glider, a zip-line and sensory and motor coordination items throughout the park. Improvements will be made to general playground equipment, and rubber surfaces will be used in various locations within the playground. Benefits include: improved access to services, improved quality of services, improved safety of the facility, the extended service life of both park and equipment, and greater accessibility for children, adults, residents and those travelling through our community on their way to other destinations. The Kiwanis Accessible Playground will continue to be free for all to enjoy. The Municipality of Tweed and the Kiwanis Club of Tweed will work closely on the operation and maintenance of the playground. We are a small municipality with approximately 6,500 citizens who live, work and play in our closely knit network of communities including Tweed, Queensborough, Marlbank, Actinolite and Thomasburg. Our playground will be open to all residents in addition to the many visitors that stop at the park with their children en route to other destinations. The closest accessible playground is in Belleville which is 40 kms away. Many within our community have limited access to transportation. Our site also serves visitors passing through our community as it is located on Highway #37, a major provincial highway leading to many popular vacation locations and cottages in Eastern Ontario as well as being a link between Toronto and Ottawa. The park location abuts the property of one of our local motels, where family guests often take advantage of the play area during their stay. Tweed Memorial Park is very popular with people traveling from the Greater Toronto Area to cottage country as it is the mid point of their trip. Our site includes not only the playground facility but a public beach on Stoco Lake, washrooms, a very popular food truck and our renowned Kiwanis Pavilion. The following comments were found on “Trip Advisor”: Chaitanya, Whitby Ontario, “Nice Spot for a Quiet Day. The Memorial Park is a nice spot to take a break from your drive. Check out Stucco Lake and enjoy the calm and quiet” (Note: correct name is Stoco lake) Steven R, Port Colborne Ontario, “Need A Break on A Long Drive – This is it. This quiet peaceful little municipal park has sat next to Highway 37 and Stucco Lake for well over 70 years. If you need a break, sit under the trees and look over the lake while the kids (if you have any) burn off a little steam in the playground A club member spoke to people in the park one evening asking them from where they hailed. Catherine was from Ottawa. She and her husband came to Tweed as it was the mid point between their home and the home of their son and his family. The children were able to play in the park, while the adults had a visit. They were impressed with the facilities and had spent the day in Tweed enjoying family time outside during the pandemic. When asked she noted that they had never been here, but they would definitely come back. David was traveling from Oshawa to the cottage to see his family. He noted that usually the family travelled with him, but they were already at the cottage. They had travelled up earlier due to the pandemic. Tourism is an important part of our local economy and Memorial Park plays a major part during the summer months. Funding the construction and maintenance The project construction costs are budgeted at $423,951.00 and will be funded through a capital fundraising campaign which is outlined further in this report. Playground maintenance and ancillary costs will be shared with the Municipality. We anticipate continuing with our present arrangement where our members will assist financially in the maintenance of the equipment, while the Municipality will maintain the site by cleaning it, cutting the grass cutting, winterizing etc. The Club and its’ Accessible Playground Committee kicked-off the fundraising for the project on Wednesday, November 27, 2019 at the home of Kiwanian Don DeGenova and Dr. Chuck Mustard. These two residents of Tweed have been holding an annual fundraiser every November in their home to support local projects for a number of years, and 2019 was in support of the accessible playground. The evening was a great success ending with over $20,000.00 being raised. The Club sponsors two Builders Clubs, one in each of our local schools. Each of these Clubs have committed to raise funds for this project. This partnership between our members and the youth is very encouraging and rewarding demonstrating the value of Service Leadership Programs to our Club and Community. As noted earlier, the Municipality of Tweed is our major partner. We have also had great financial support from the Tweed Family Feud organization and The Festival of Trees Committee. Our Club has reached out to other community service clubs including the Tweed Lions Club, as well and the Royal Canadian Legion Branch. We have not yet received a reply from the Lions Club nor the Legion, we are hopeful they will play a part in this project. We anticipate that this is due to Covid since we are a community where service clubs come together and support each other’s initiatives. As a small community with a very small industrial/retail base, we have to look to outside benefactors to assist with our fund raising efforts. Our citizens are very generous however, their pockets only run so deep and there are so many worthwhile causes. Nonetheless, our Club has sent out an information package to both local and regional companies asking for their support, and several have made generous donations. The Municipality of Tweed issues charitable tax receipts for donations of $10 or more. The committee’s summary of requested funding, and the expenses/budget for this project follows: Requested Funding Sources Project Request Applied for Confirmed/ Received Canada Infrastructure Program $310,757.00 Yes In progress Municipality of Tweed $50,000.00 Yes $50,000 Tweed Elementary Builders Club $250.00 N/A St. Carthagh C.School Builders Club $250.00 N/A Parrott Foundation $100,000.00 Yes Declined Family Feud Committee $5,000.00 Yes $5,000 Festival of Trees $5,000.00 Yes $5,000 Individual /Business Campaigns $25,000.00 Yes In progress $7,000 DeGenova/Mustard Fundraiser $20,000.00 N/A $20,000 Trivia Night Fundraiser $2,000.00 N/A Fall Dance $2,000.00 N/A Applications to Foundations $50,000.00 Yes In progress Tim Hortons’ Smile Campaign $1,000.00 Yes Total Received to Date: $87,000 Accessible Playground Budget/Expenses Playground equipment $183,013 Equipment Installation $35,382 Rubber surface – fall protection $49,805 Sand Surfacing $59,107 Site work $13,765 Taxes $44,339 Contingency $38,540 Total $423,951 Requested revenue funds exceed project budget expenses because we know that not all funding applications have been or will be successful. We will continue to conduct fundraisers and submit applications for funding. However, these Covid-19 times have presented unprecedented challenges. Although we are small and needy, we are also vibrant and passionate. Our Accessible Playground will be built. Playground equipment maintenance has always been included in our Club’s annual budget and it is anticipated that this practise will continue. The Municipality is the owner of the property upon which the equipment will be installed and it will also be doing some of the maintenance. The cost of this maintenance under taken by the Municipality has been and will continue to be included in their Parks & Recreation Budget. Why is Kiwanis partnering with the Municipality do this Project? It is always simple to say, “we pay taxes, why can’t the Municipality build the playground without our assistance.” We are a small municipality with a very small industrial base. The Municipality has many priorities as outlined in its 2017 Asset Management Plan including infrastructure expenses to our sewer system, replacing bridges that have been closed and declared unsafe, expanding the lagoon, road repairs, recreational facilities and more. We are grateful for the Municipality’s $50,000 donation. The majority of the current playground equipment is 22 years old and does not accommodate individuals with varying abilities. This project will be focusing on providing a play environment that is focused on access and safety for all users of the site. The playground is located in the original municipality if Tweed (now the village of Tweed, within the Municipality of Tweed), which based on the Canada Census of 2016 has 1,701 residents, of which 210 are fourteen (14) years of age or younger (8.1%). The Municipality of Tweed as it exists following the amalgamation of 2000 has a population of 6,500 with the majority of the children being bused into our two local elementary schools. The Municipality of Tweed is the largest municipality in Hastings County. We are also a tourist destination in addition to serving the entire county. According to the Statistics Canada Census we can anticipate a 20% population growth in the next 10 years. The measurable impact of this project not only effects ourselves and Hastings County but it will positively affect residents and visitors for years to come. The Municipality of Tweed has 2 elementary schools from grades JK to 8 as well as over 300 children under the age of 4, and 1,100 school-aged children. Tweed also has two housing complexes for autistic residents that will benefit from the use of the playground. Tweed Memorial park serves as a destination and stop for thousands of visitors each year. The nearest accessible park to our residents presently is in the City of Belleville which is 37 kilometres from Tweed. This project would change a trip to an accessible park from a “special event” to potentially a daily event.   The project will increase the profile of Tweed Memorial Park to residents and visitors alike. The facility will be something that the Kiwanis Club and the Municipality will take pride in for many years to come. The new amenities will no doubt encourage people to continue to stop in our community to enjoy the park, visit our shops, and definitely enjoy our local hospitality. They will also note the importance of the work undertaken by Kiwanis Clubs as our name will be highly visible on park signage. The construction is planned to commence in June 2021 with a completion date of July 2021, based on discussions with our supplier, ABC Recreation Ltd.