Kiwanis Club of Goldsboro

To understand the impact of a playground on a community like Goldsboro, NC, it is best to start with some information about the community itself. With a population of 34,186 (US census estimate July 1, 2019), Goldsboro has been ranked as one of the 5 poorest cities in the US (2015). One in every three children in Wayne County live in poverty. The need is great.

Our goal, with our partner Goldsboro Parks & Recreation Department (that will continue to maintain this park), is to bring new life and joy into a 2-acre neighborhood park, South End Park, located near two Section 8 housing complexes with 340 units and 300+ children.

South End Park currently has four swings and a basketball court, and the next closest playground is over two miles away. Transportation is an issue for many children who live in this area. The City removed old playground equipment (except swings) from this park last year because it was dangerous, leaving 4 regular swings and an open basketball court in an open, flat, green space that is safe and accessible for the entire community. The playground site to be redeveloped is 50’ x 50’.

Initial designs of this playground include simple, durable, kid-proven equipment, with accessible swings through challenging climbers and overhead features that invites outdoor play to improve health measures, encourage cooperation and grow future leaders. This playground would serve youth from all socio-economic backgrounds without physical and social barriers, promoting problem-solving, understanding and fun.

Additional Information

CITY OF GOLDSBORO PARKS & RECREATION DEPARTMENT, Goldsboro NC SUNRISE KIWANIS CLUB (Goldsboro, NC) Key Club of Wayne Early Middle College High School (our sponsored club), Goldsboro, NC Key Club of Wayne School of Engineering (our sponsored club), Goldsboro, NC Eastern Carolina Regional Housing Authority, Goldsboro, NC Kiwanis Club of Angier, Angier, NCIER, NC)
The funding needed for the South End Park upgrade (budget $50,000) will be provided as follows: LOCAL FUNDING: 1. $ 4,000 - Kiwanis Club of Goldsboro cash reserves, approved by members Sept 2020 2. $16,000 - estimated revenues from operating the Kiwanis Miniature Train during the 2020 holiday season (long weekends and evenings from Nov 27 – Dec 20), approved by members Sept 2020 3. $ 5,000 - donated through appeals to local businesses, churches and civic clubs TOTAL LOCAL: $25,000 CONTEST PRIZE: $25,000 PROJECT BUDGET: $50,000 We have received commitments from two local Kiwanis Clubs plus our sponsored Key Clubs and the City of Goldsboro to participate in a community build to hold down assembly costs. Other local Key Clubs (there are 5 in our county) will likely participate. This is community service at its best. A community build is not new to Goldsboro. In 2015, a North Carolina insurance company spearheaded a successful community build for the City’s Herman Park playground upgrade, where the Kiwanis Miniature Train resides. The playground has been a win for many of the city’s children but is 3 miles from children living around South End Park. We want all children in Goldsboro to have the benefit of great play facilities.
The Goldsboro community is hard working, rural, and patriotic. The Kiwanis Club of Goldsboro is proud of celebrating its 100th year of serving youth here. We have made a difference in Goldsboro through supporting local children’s charities, sponsorship of 2 local high school Key Clubs, and honoring our early members’ vision of bringing joy to Goldsboro’s little children. In 1955, the Kiwanis Club of Goldsboro raised $5,000 to purchase a miniature train for the City of Goldsboro’s main park, Herman Park, and has operated this train on summer weekends ever since. It is our signature project. 2020 is the first summer of no train due to COVID-19. We may be able to open in early October, if NC’s governor permits, to continue the 65-year tradition. This playground will benefit our military families (Seymour Johnson Air Force Base is our area’s largest employer, with 10,000+ military and dependents), our families of children with special needs, our low-income families, and families all over the city. Our partner, the Goldsboro City Parks & Recreation Department, has a great reputation for encouraging families to get outside, stay active, and enjoy time together by bringing a variety of activities and scheduled programming to foster positive and healthy play for families and youth. Kiwanis Club of Goldsboro is honored to partner with them.