Imperial Beach/South Bay

We can never have too much fun! Children in these COVID-19 times still need to play.
The City of Imperial Beach is a small town, 4.2 square miles, in Southern California with a population of approximately 26,000. The city is located at the Mexican Border and the Pacific Ocean with a population of mostly active and retired military. As a small town without an industry or a major store, it has a very small tax base. There is not enough funding for a park project. The current playground at Veteran's Park is dilapidated and needs renovation.
The park is located in the center of town in the same lot as a Boys and Girls Club, a preschool, a community center, the Library and a dog park. We know that this grant will provide the impetus for the community to gather together post-COVID. The Imperial Beach/South Bay Kiwanis Club, in partnership with the City of Imperial Beach will renovate this park to provide children of all ages and abilities with opportunities for growth, learning, social skills and personal development. It will also provide a source of stability to children whose parents are serving in the military.

Additional Information

What organizations will support this playground project?: Kiwanis Club of Imperial Beach, City of Imperial Beach, Fleet Reserve Association Br 289
How will you ensure your playground is ready to be installed by Kiwanis One Day 2020?: Partnering with the City of Imperial Beach, the South Bay Imperial Beach Kiwanis Club has been meeting and communicating to discuss design and timelines. The city has developed a plan for a new playground to replace the faded equipment that is outdated. With the City Council’s support, the Parks and Recreation Committee reviewed and approved the plans for the site. At this time, the city has a goal of starting renovations in early 2021. They anticipate completion by October 2021. Our club will continue to maintain our communications both in the construction and future needs of the playground. We will be incorporating the sponsored youth groups, the local Scouts to help ensure the viability of the installation of this playground.
Please feel free to include additional comments about your application.: We are tenacious. We are dedicated. We will build! The objective is to create a fun, interactive, educational, and social environment for children of all ages and their families to share as they grow and develop. Making playgrounds available to children at a young age helps to build skills and a sense of connection and belonging in the community. These are developmental assets that the Imperial Beach South Bay Kiwanis Club and the City of Imperial Beach can help foster with the access to a safe and interactive playground as they grow. The playground will also supply some stability to children during transition periods when their parents are deployed. Success will be registered by the amount of attendance, laughter, and smiles that the playground will bring. Creating this playground will be a positive influence in promoting positive shared foundations for all children.