East Greenbush

This playground would service inner-city children in the Southern Rensselaer County, not just one community. It is located at the Boys and Girls Club of Southern Rensselaer Camp Adventure, a 15 acre parcel nestled on the shore of Burden Lake. As seen in the picture, there is currently only 1 swing, 1 horse glider, 1 set of pull up rings and 1 slide. Not included in the picture is a sandbox. This is the extent of the current available equipment that needs to be shared between approximately 30 – 50 children at a time. Numerous studies can be cited to underscore the importance of play. Playgrounds help foster imagination, promote socialization skills (i.e. taking turns & team play), as well as helping to fight childhood obesity. The camp also gives children a safe place to go and SPACE to run around and just be kids!

Additional Information

East Greenbush Kiwanis, Sand Lake Kiwanis, Rensselaer Kiwanis, and Castleton Kiwanis are ready and willing to support this project. In fact, these clubs have worked over 300 service volunteer hours toward refurbishing the grounds, including the waterfront and several buildings. Furthermore, the Boys & Girls Club of Southern Rensselaer County(BGCSORSENSCO), will be a primary partner. We have already met with the staff. This organization has strong ties within the community and works closely with local businesses and city officials. The NOpiates Committee, and Victory Church have also agreed to be of support. We plan to advertise via social and print media and through Inter-Club communications and meetings to garner further support from area citizens.
We already have a commitment from all of the organizations above to help not only with the installation of the playground but also to help maintain it. Averill Park, the town in which the camp is located, is wanting to be actively involved in the project. Through all these partnerships, we will definitely complete the project by October 31, 2021, and have the volunteer power to preserve and sustain it.
Local businesses have enthusiastically endorsed this project. Materials and labor were donated to bring electrical to 2020 code. The pavilion has been painted and the kitchen completely replaced. Another company donated over 60 tons of crusher run stone to smooth out the driveway. The Boys & Girls Club is a Kiwanis approved partner. Their vision is our mission.... and it\'s all about the kids!!!