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The Kiwanis Club of Grand Rapids, MI has chosen to... Read the rest
86 Votes
Rice Park is located in the North-western portion of the... Read the rest
92 Votes
This playground would service inner-city children in the Southern Rensselaer... Read the rest
301 Votes
La comunidad de San Roque, es una parroquia rural del... Read the rest
748 Votes
Music is a form of communication that touches the hearts... Read the rest
483 Votes
“Play is having the opportunity to explore the world around... Read the rest
1099 Votes
The students of Orange County Academy come from a diverse... Read the rest
81 Votes
There are no public playgrounds within our community that provide... Read the rest
108 Votes
6500 sq ft rubber surfaced park
20 Votes
The Altus Kiwanis Club serves a small cultural diversified community... Read the rest
106 Votes
Christian County, Missouri is one of the fastest growing counties... Read the rest
18 Votes
The Kiwanis Club of Paulding County, Ohio, located in a... Read the rest
730 Votes
The story behind the playground is compelling because the state... Read the rest
2326 Votes
You smile to yourself and wish you could bring back... Read the rest
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This project is a renovation and upgrading to the Kiwanis... Read the rest
1500 Votes
The Kiwanis Club of Saranac Lake, The Parks and Trails... Read the rest
315 Votes
Today there are patches of crumbling asphalt and neglected landscape... Read the rest
24 Votes
Kiwanis have a saying – “Kids need Kiwanis.” Providing support... Read the rest
290 Votes