Wilkes-Barre Kiwanis Club

The City of Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania has no parks equipped for Special Needs Children. For children with cognitive or physical disabilities, finding a place to play that is not only accessible, but also conducive to the various needs of a child, isn’t always easy to find. The Wilkes-Barre Special Needs Playground, to be placed in our largest park, is a collaborative effort bringing together the City and local community organizations to build a positive, healthy, fun and all-inclusive environment.

The vision for the playground is to give all of our children a place to learn, imagine, and play together. We also see it as an answer to a shrinking recreational base occurring within the city. We believe the Playground will be a rally point for our community to come together for a transformative project. Wilkes-Barre Special Needs Playground will be a true asset to the Wilkes-Barre area and beyond, offering several benefits to our community: • Sense of community • Promotion of health • Rally point for children, parents, and businesses • Inclusion and diversity • Essential building blocks for education and imagination.

Our plans to improve the park include paved pathways, regular and specialized play equipment, safety surfacing and a changing station building so that individuals do not have to be taken care of in view of others.

We are a strong community, our commitment is sincere, and this is a project that can and will be accomplished. The need is clear. The help that this grant would bring is immense.

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