Spirit Lake Noon Kiwanis

Our community is unique as it is a large summer tourist attraction. We have lots of fun things to offer families to do on any given day, as long as they are not having to deal with accessibility. We currently provide adaptive bicycles to children within our community with mobility issues and this year decided to take it a bit further. We at Hope Rolls, INC are raising money to provide a place for ALL children and adults regardless of their abilities or mobility. The funds will be used to purchase handicap accessible play equipment such as wheelchair swing, wide ramps to different levels, and sensory experiences. This will make an environment where grandparents, parents, and kids who haven’t been able to participate in play become more involved and feel confident doing so. Hope Rolls Park has many goals, but the main goal is to create a space where everyone can gather, participate, and feel included. The project is hoping to achieve maximal use of the space provided. The Park will start with pebbleflex surfacing, which provides a smooth surface to reduce tripping and mess associated with mulch and ensures wheels stay clear of debris to roll freely. Following the surfacing Hope Rolls Park will include an inclusive playground as the foundation of the park with other handicap accessible attractions such as wheel chair swing, roller table, elevated sand table, sensory/learning wall, and sway fun glider. To accommodate people of all abilities another part of the park will include a physical challenge course that will include different obstacles based on a free run or ninja warrior type feel along with balance challenge stations and cardio fitness. The timeline for this project will be based on many factors but it is a goal to have the project started as soon as spring will allow and a completed by fall 2022.

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