Snohomish Kiwanis Club

Kiwanis have a saying - “Kids need Kiwanis.” Providing support for the youth of our community has always been a priority for the Snohomish Kiwanis Club. Our City identified a need for play equipment for the 13+ age group. Our Kiwanis Club committed to raising $60,000 to provide an activity area in a park for teens.

The City of Snohomish has a population of 10,000 with 17 parks that are utilized by our citizens, including children from the Snohomish School District (a surrounding region of farms and small acreages with a population of 60,000).

Snohomish Kiwanis’ history of engagement with children has been continuous since 1954, when we began. Over time the club has supported the building of a community pool, the Boys and Girls Club (which we support annually), baseball fields, Claytown Park for 2-5 year old’s, Tillicum Playground for 5-12 year old’s and additional child-focused projects.

The needed equipment for 13+ teens (Fit Core Extreme) will be in a centrally located park close to the Snohomish Boys and Girls Club, Skate Park, and Centennial Trail (used for inter-county biking and hiking). This new Kiwanis-supported recreation area, with equipment chosen by teens for exercise and agility, will engage and challenge young people of the community on all skill levels. The park will be inclusive for all community members to participate in a welcoming recreation area.

Your grant would significantly enhance our ability to finish this project in cooperation with the community.

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