The village of Mason Hall is situated approximately 4.3Km from the nearest play park. The children of the village and environs are deprived of the joy of a recreation park.
The ideal area for such a park is in close proximity to an Elementary School, a High School and two Early Childhood Centres. It is partly enclosed which makes it not secured. There are two benches which are not used because they are in an unsightly condition. This underused, unsecured area, is used mainly as an access short cut route to the schools, nearby homes and the main road. The only maintenance work is the cutting of tall weeds occasionally.
It is the desire of members of the Kiwanis club of Scarborough, to repurpose this ‘only used to access route’, into a useful recreational park. The aim is to make it child friendly with play park equipment and amenities, including, a mobile library. The fence would be repaired to ensure the safety and security of the children and equipment within the park. It is hoped that it will be a Recreational Park for the family.
The results of a Community Analysis revealed that, the residents in the community are excited to be part of this project and, it is the belief, that they are ready to take ownership. Additionally, the schools in the area would be targeted for involvement in Service Leadership Projects (SLP).

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