Miles City Kiwanis

Our community needs additions to our current Playground. Miles City is not only rural, with the closest city being 2 hours away, but it is also considered a high-poverty area. This makes it difficult for families to find activities that will help engage the children and encourage family bonds. Being able to assist in the endeavor to make this park a place where families can picnic, play in the splash pad, or hopefully allow their disabled child to swing for the first time would leave a legacy of what Kiwanis is. A club that cares about children and supports families.

Additional Information

We will have support from the City of Miles City and many other local businesses and non-profit organizations.
We have already started discussing the project with Dakota Playgrounds, and they are willing to help us get started on this project next spring to be sure we will be finished sometime next year.
The Miles City Kiwanis Club of Miles City will be celebrating our 100th club anniversary in 2022. Our board of directors decided that adding play structures to our current city park would make a phenomenal contribution to leaving a legacy. Wibaux Park in Miles City is currently home to a well-established playground owned and maintained by the City of Miles City. A local non-profit organization is finishing installing a splash pad at the park, which will increase the utilization of the current playground equipment. We want to add some fun additions to the current Playground. The shelter at Wibaux Park is named the “Kiwanis Shelter” and houses picnic tables and bathrooms. Continuing to add to the park is our primary goal by adding an inclusive swing to the current swing area of the park. There is almost no ADA-compliant playground equipment, and this would be a great addition to the park. The new splash pad also has some amazing ADA-compliant features, and so adding the swing will make the park accessible for all ages and abilities. We appreciate your consideration of the funds for our Playground.