Levittown Bristol

There is an existing playground in our community with a swing set, an unidentifiable climbing apparatus and a metal "spider" that dates back to the 1960's (literally). It is in deplorable condition on a piece of land that would be ideal for a modernized playground. It is located within one half mile of a high school, a middle school and an elementary school. In my research I have discovered that it is a county park that the county wants the township to restore. The township wishes to have the county spend their money to renovate the playground. All parties are interested in a resolution to this issue but have been at a stalemate due to limited funding. Both welcomed my interest and the possibility of $25,000 in playground equipment. Both sides indicated that the possibility of winning this contest could be the incentive to get this moving forward. The individuals involved do not have animosity toward one another, it is simply a money issue. I believe that we can be the catalyst for the change and the restoration of this much needed playground.

This area is a suburb of Philadelphia that is not the bucolic area of Bucks County that the tourism office highlights. This lower end of the county is socio-economically challenged with a 68% free lunch rate due to financial deprivation. There are several project type areas a short distance from the playground. We also have high numbers of students identified as special education (more than 25% of the student population). Our club's goal would be to make this a user friendly, handicapped accessible and equipped playground that would be as beautiful and modern as these children (like their more affluent counterparts) deserve and need. I humbly submit this request with that goal in mind.

Our club is committed to seeing this playground to completion on this already available land. We would include our two local Key clubs in the planning and completion of this playground. As a former educator, I believe that we can provide key club members with an invaluable experience working with local and county government officials to implement a project of this size. We would like to help them to become the spokespersons for the project along with the Kiwanis adults. It is an amazing opportunity on so many levels and I am thrilled to have the chance for us to see this through successfully. The township has committed to maintaining the playground but we would also implement it as a continuing Key Club and Levittown Bristol Kiwanis work project.

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