La Crosse Kiwanis

Disability affects all of us. Whether we are an individual living with a disability, or a loved one lives with a disability, every one of us is affected in some way by disability. History has not been kind to those living with disabilities; there simply were not ways of integrating this population into everyday life. The result was that those with any type of disability were relegated to the side lines, often not being able to leave their homes much less chase their dreams.

The All Abilities Trane Park Playground is fighting that historic imbalance. The Playground is a place where mobility is safer, where physical movement can happen both independently and with assistance while providing much needed exercise and time outdoors. A place where activities and play stimulate cognitive skills while using muscles and motor coordination at the same time. Most of all, this Playground is a place where disability simply doesn’t make such a difference.

This playground helps us take care of our own, one child at a time. Providing a place where essential play can happen without barriers, and caregivers can breathe a bit more easily, is proof of the La Crosse Area, La Crosse Kiwanis, Wisconsin-Upper Michigan Kiwanis District Foundation, Kiwanis International and Kiwanis Vision Partner Landscape Structures working together to recognize a significant need and stepping up to fill the gap.

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