Kiwanis of Evansville DWN

Kiwanis of Evansville, Downtown have helped community kids for 103 years. Our club contains great-grandchildren of founding members who want to be a part of providing inclusive playgrounds for the community, along with their great-grandchildren! The Story Trail featuring Able Fables brings together multigenerational use, encouraging family time together in parks. With purposeful height for eye level of children, the story panels offer inspiration and instruction on interaction. Increased access to safe outdoor physical activity, family engagement and literacy benefits all members of the community. The non-profit Franklin Street Events Association saw a need to rehabilitate an existing, neglected park with an amazing location: walkable access for underserved homeowners and adjacent to the main roadway for easy navigation to both hometown use or out-of-town guests. Stop Light City Playground is deliberately designed to be inclusive and enjoyable for wheelchair bound visitors. Multi-sensory features ensure that special needs and neuro-typical visitors will ALL have opportunities to play, grow and engage with the community.

Additional Information

The City of Evansville, the Parks and Recreation Department, Evansville Trails Coalition, The Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority, All clubs in the Kiwanis Southwind Division, 911 Gives Hope, Healthy Communities Partnership, Businesses with international scope, Berry to others with one location; GaylaCake, Milk and Sugar, Damsels and the Franklin Street Events Association as well as individual citizens.
Citizens, community leaders and city administrators are all in support of the Stop Light City Playground project, as evidenced from the $250,000 already raised, the $100,000 additionally designated and the continuation of progress in these unprecedented times. There are no administrative or production barriers to completing the Story Trail by Kiwanis One Day 2022.
It has been a great pleasure to the club to provide as a Christmas gift, a book for each child to have at our local elementary school for several years. The Story Trail is a wonderful extension of our commitment to the children of the entire community, including all medical diagnosis. Not only providing a story about how they belong in our city, but adding an experience to build on.