Kiwanis of Carter County

Grayson, a small rural community located in the foothills of Eastern Kentucky, has been affected by the pandemic of opioid abuse, like much of rural Appalachia. Unfortunately, this effect has resulted in many broken homes and placement of many children in the care of others, typically the grandparents. Oftentimes, these guardians cannot financially afford to provide opportunities to visit Disney World or other amusement parks. A hope for the design phase of this project is that this playground can be the "Disney World" in our area for many kids. We have worked to design an area with implements that the children of our community have never experienced. The design also focuses on inclusion of kids with all ability levels with hopes that ALL children who come to the playground will be able to play with their peers. The 64 acres Sports Park with playground will be a hub in a five-county area within proximity of both a major E-W Interstate and a US highway. Our hope is that with the help of this contest funding, we will be able to provide a place that allows children to forget their current circumstances, even if just momentarily.

"As a kid in Grayson, I see this playground as impacting our community in many ways. It will allow an opportunity for kids in our community to get outside and enjoy some physical activity as well as providing a low-cost option for a day out with the family," Eli, 5th Grader Prichard Elementary.

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