Kiwanis Greater Ouachita

The Kiwanis Club of Greater Ouachita will partner with the City of West Monroe in the hopes of securing playground equipment to be installed at Highland Park, a new green space and park area designated by the City of West Monroe and located in the heart of the West Monroe community. Highland Park sits on the site of a former public golf course that has been closed for a number of years. The property sits in the middle of both a large residential neighborhood and business area. The City of West Monroe recently completed a large-scale drainage project at Highland Park that will bring needed drainage to the adjacent neighborhood, leaving a large, open green space available for development and use by local residents. Municipal leaders were also able to secure funding for bicycle/pedestrian paths that are currently under construction around the perimeter of wetlands that lie in the middle of the property. If additional funds can be secured for playground equipment, this will be a tremendous asset to the entire community and will result in significant usage of Highland Park by all ages. Highland Park is located within close proximity to two large residential neighborhoods and an elementary school, so we anticipate this park will be frequently used by the public.

Additional Information

Kiwanis Club of Greater Ouachita, City of West Monroe, The Kiroli Foundation, West Monroe West Ouachita Chamber of Commerce
If the Kiwanis Club of Greater Ouachita is successful in receiving playground equipment, the club will work directly with the City of West Monroe’s Parks and Recreation Department to ensure the playground equipment is ordered, received and installed by October 31, 2022. The City’s Parks and Recreation Department has extensive knowledge on playground equipment in terms of location and best practices for creating a solid foundation for a playground site. The Parks and Recreation Department also has a list of available, well-trained contractors who are proficient at installing such equipment.
The City of West Monroe was successful at receiving state grants as well as private donations for the completion of the Highland Park trails, which should be open to the public by Thanksgiving 2021. Since construction started earlier this summer, the general public has shown great enthusiasm for the project and voiced a need for additional recreational amenities in the Highland Park area such as playground equipment. The Kiwanis Club of Greater Ouachita thinks this is a worthy project that will have a valuable, positive impact on people of all ages, not just within the City limits but throughout the Ouachita Parish region.