Kiwanis Clubof Paducah KY

Paducah Day Nursery is located on the grounds of Paducah Housing Authority, a federally subsidized low-income housing complex. Most of the residents are families with school age children, many of which attend or have attended the day care. Ninety percent of the children served by the Nursery are at or below poverty.

It has been evidenced that children living in poverty may be deprived of the benefits of safe and creative playtime and consequences of play deficiency may be considerable, because play is vital to the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical well-being of children beginning in early childhood (KR Ginsburg - Pediatrics, 2007). Children that are able to experience play see the benefits of enhanced physical health by building active, healthy bodies. Physical activity beginning in early childhood has shown to prevent obesity (KJ Campbell, KD Hesketh - Obesity reviews, 2007). Additionally, play is a natural means that children use to build their resilience. The development of resilience is about learning to overcome social challenges and adversity as well as navigating peer relationships on the playground.

The Paducah Day Nursery has limited and outdated playground equipment. Updating and expanding the playground equipment will allow the staff at Paducah Day Nursery to address those very important early childhood developments. As a result, the children at the nursery will have a better opportunity to grow into active, healthy, and successful community members. The long-lasting impacts of the newer playground equipment are generationally far reaching for families, but our community as a whole.

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