Kiwanis Club of Stuart

Kiwanis Park at Woodlawn was built by Kiwanis Club of Stuart in the early 90's. We've supported the park since then, with the partnership of City of Stuart. 5 years ago, we added a barrier-free portion which included a sunshade. 2 years ago, the city built a new, handicap-accessible bathroom. Now it is time to renovate the entire park. We will replace the existing sand with a pour and play surface, and make one area for children 2-5 with a transportation theme. A local sportsfishing yacht has donated money to include a boat, and the fire-rescue union is donating money to include a fire truck! The other area, for 6-12 year olds, will be an adventure land! We will have a three-story slide, a rock climbing wall and rope course area. The final area, for which we are requesting the grant, will be a sensory-free garden. When we put in the barrier-free area in the park, we disovered (after the fact) that the area was too loud for those children with sensory issues. We will put in a small area, in a quiet piece of the park, a sensory-free area. It will have an arch, and a caution to be quiet and respectful to our friends who don't like loud noises. The area will have a children's bench, and playground equipment that will encourage our guests to enjoy their "special" place in the park. CDC estimates that 1 out of every 54 children in the USA has been identified with autism spectrum disorder. We simply can't exclude them! In addition, two members of our club work with children with limitations. Keith Muniz is CEO of ARC (Advocates for the Rights of the Challenged) and Suzy Hutcheson is CEO of Helping People Succeed, whose goal is to help each preson to reach their potential, so they may have a successful future. We are aware that there is a need for these children to enjoy the outdoors just as their friends and neighbors do, just in a slightly different way!

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