Kiwanis Club of Polson

The Boys and Girls Club of the Flathead Nation and Lake County is constructing a new facility across from Polson Middle School and Polson High School and near the elementary schools Cherry Valley and Linderman. The Club needs a contiguous playground to enable the youth to feel safe and have wholesome outside activity. The playground will impact over 200 youth a day from the ages of 6 through 17 in Lake County and the Flathead Indian Reservation, providing safe structured opportunity for play to all children attending the Boys and Girls Club. The majority of the 1,700 youth and teens in the Polson and Valley View School Districts who will benefit are of low socioeconomic and disadvantaged status. Safe and engaging play activities have been shown to improve the social emotional health of children. Lake County has the fifth highest rate of adolescent suicide in the state of Montana, which itself has the nation's highest suicide rate. Providing children with outlets that encourage being outside, cooperative play, and a healthy channeling of their energy is the cornerstone of this project.

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