Kiwanis Club of Pella

There are no public playgrounds within our community that provide a place for children with physical, cognitive or sensory needs to play, develop, and socialize with the community. The nearest playground designed for children of all ability levels is an hour away. The Wonder Spelen Inclusive Playground will go beyond minimum accessibility standards and providing facilities for those with physical disabilities to offer opportunities for all children to develop cognitive, sensory, physical and social skills.

Through conversations with parents, special education teachers, physical therapists, and other community members who work with the over 140 individuals with disabilities in Pella, the overwhelming response has been the desire to create an all-inclusive, safe space to foster community and inclusiveness and engage children and adults at all cognitive levels. Our goal is to provide a a safe, fund space to bring together all community members.

Wonder Spelen, which is Dutch for "Miracle Play," a nod to our community's strong Dutch heritage, will be an expansion of the existing Kiwanis Park. This playground will be located in the most densely populated portion of our community.

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