KIWANIS Club of Paulding

Our goal is to build and create a play center that every child, regardless of their physical abilities will be able to enjoy and share in. Our sports complex which is home to all of our summer ball and soccer programs is providing great opportunities for young people to participate, learn and grow up healthy in every way. Our playground will help more families come together and create new friendships and partnerships. Our community is working hard to revitalize, and it has been amazing to watch. I am proud that ALL of our Club members have really rolled up their sleeves to get involved with this great work. By creating a playground that is safe and secure, children regardless of the challenges they may face, will be able to come exercise their minds as well as their bodies. Our playground would bring a dynamic to our community where diversity is embraced as people learn, live and love together. Our playground will help to foster an environment of caring and sharing as our families learn better how to look out for each other. This gift from our larger KIWANIS family will help create an atmosphere of community that can inspire us to even greater heights of civic service in the years to come. We desperately want something special for the children of Paulding and our Club is privileged to help change the world by changing our community one child at a time. Thank you for your consideration.

Additional Information

• Land and location have already been mapped and allocated at the Lela Mcguire Jeffrey Park. • Paulding County Area Foundation • KIWANIS Club of Paulding Ohio • Paulding County Commissioners • The Villiage Council of Paulding • The Paulding Soccer Club • The Paulding Ball Association • Local Merchants and Organizations
• Our timeline is designed to have the playground dedicated by mid-July of 2022 • We have budgeted at the rate of $1,000.00 per child and come in with a budget of $60,000 which includes equipment and landscaping costs. • We have better than half of the total cost available at the time of this application and are working to secure the additional financing through local commitments of businesses and organizations who have responded generously. • We have also established our fundraisers and have aligned Club Funds to help insure the fiscal needs of the project are met on time. • We have a committee comprised of strategic KIWANIS members who serve in community organizations [Ball Association, Soccer Club, Village Council, Legal Assistance and Finance Admin] that will be an integral part of the process from initiation to implementation. • Though we intend to be very hands on as a club, we also are seeking professional installation of the equipment to protect the integrity of the playground and ensure a greater safety for the children. • We are arranging as a Club, volunteers to help with the ground preparation and finishing of the project. • We are also incorporating a budgeted annual maintenance plan to care for the project in the years to come.