Kiwanis Club of Los Gatos

The Town of Los Gatos has an old playground at Oak Meadow Park. It does not have any "all-inclusive" features. Let's put it this way, I used to play there as a kid, and I'm over 60! It has never been updated, yet is a very popular and large park. Our club holds trail cleanups there and BBQ' has a "Billy Jones Railroad" that can accommodate ALL children, but the playground does not. We held our 4th of July BBQ there and handed out flags for all of the children. When a family came by with one child in a wheel-chair, it became very apparent that there was a need there. A need for a child to be able to play with his/her siblings and friends. A need to have fun. A need to belong. Los Gatos needs to add this 'all-inclusive' feature to it's most popular park. It is way overdue.

Additional Information

The Town of Los Gatos, the Chamber of Commerce, and the local people through social media, as well as businesses and other organizations.
We will work directly with the Town of Los Gatos and their Parks and Recreation department head. We will make a splash throughout Facebook and Instagram, Nextdoor, emails and print. We will get the Los Gatos High School Key Club involved. It\'ll be big! We will have fundraising opportunities on a monthly basis, specifically for this. Our meetings are at a popular local restaurant who allows us to hold fundraisers and drive-through events - it has been fantastic throughout the pandemic and will continue to be fantastic as a venue for fundraising for this project. For example, we held a drive-through no-contact steak dinner as a fundraiser during the height of the pandemic. We can do this monthly. Additionally, the Town is on board and would like to provide matching funds (once passed through Town Council). We have the will and we want to make this happen!
There is an annual event, Kiwanis Special Games, that is very dear to our club. It is an all-inclusive event that is put on each year at our local community college and supported by the entire division. ( Special needs kids make everyone smile and we want to do something for them...something on a local level and something that will make families and generations of kids happy for years to come. With our determination and grit, we WILL make it happen! There\'s a need, and we intend to fill it!