KC of Dynamic 8th Iligan

The beneficiary school is Melfreda Elementary School, New Visayas,Trento,Agusan del Sur. There are 122 pupils and 78 parents. The local officials are very supportive to the school. As one of the stakeholders we are starting our fundraising by means of selling reference books to my fellow pharmacists to achieve our goal. I've done this fundraising a month ago for the children at the refugee camp in collaboration with KC Nakawa and KC Nakivale, Uganda, Africa where i'm going to donate the proceeds of selling books.
Melfreda is one my chosen school in the hinterland. They are not lucky as I am. Hopefully, God's permit we will be chosen for the contest. I believe God will lead the way, to make the children's happy. The beneficiaries are not only the students of the school but the community itself. In the since that when the parents brought their students and their other siblings in the school they can both play in school.
So it has a big impact to the community because the children will look forward to enter school and playground is a place where you can make friends, share ideas. They can collaborate each other.
The community or school i've choosen needs a playground because I want them to gain and improved self esteem and enhanced their mental capablity and thinking skills. Playing is the most common activity that children do. I want them to experience what i've experienced during my childhood. The recipient i've choose are those children with no park or playground in the community.
I want them to have diversion of their worries. I want them to be emotionally and physically fit. It has a big impact not only to the school but to the community as well. I want to look the excitement of their faces and the eagerness to go to school to learn and play.
God bless us all.

Additional Information

KC Dynamic 8th Iligan, Philippine Pharmacists Iligan City-Lanao del Norte Chapter, LGU and Brgy. Council of New Visayas, Trento, Agusan del Sur
100% sure since the school allocate a place where to put the playground and hopefully installed during Kiwanis one day 2022.
This is my first time to participate the contest. I\'m just trying my best to be included or chosen as one though i felt nervous while answering the questions above.