Hidden Valley Kiwanis

The city of Escondido encompasses over 37.5 square miles, with a current population of over 151,100 people in over 48,000 housing units. There are 25 K-8 schools and 14 parks covering over 7 square miles of recreation area. However there are no fully compliant and inclusive ADA playgrounds. The city has been addressing this discrepancy for over 10 years, but funding has been an obstacle
Dixon Lake and the neighboring Daley Ranch provide 6000 acres of open space with camping, fishing, cycling, exercising, and picnicking. With over 350,000 visitors (documented statistics), we estimate 25% are children (87,500). We assume that two thirds are under the age of 12 (57,750 children), with a current estimate of over 2 million hours of use over the course of a year. Dixon Lake currently incorporates an ADA cabin, and an ADA water craft, and ADA compliant restrooms, but no fully inclusive and interactive ADA playground for children; and serious limitations for the age group 2-5. Dixon Lake has two playgrounds, each approximately 1200 square feet for age groups 5-12 with ADA compatible wheel chair ramps. The Kiwanis Club of Hidden Valley (KCHV) has stepped up to fill in the ADA gap by installing the first fully compliant ADA playground in this area. KCHV will continue to support Dixon Lake and associated Daley Ranch in the same capacity it has for the last 22+ years. KCHV has proposed and obtained city approval which adds an additional 800 sqft specifically dedicated to ADA compliance, and children ages 2-5 (picture attached).

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