“Downtown” Evansville

The middle school students at Glenwood Leadership Academy and the surrounding area are currently doing without. They have a dilapidated basketball court and gorgeous property with so much potential, but lack the funds to enhance the space. The staff envision a space where these older kids can move and be challenged. A place where they don't need their phones and choose to socialize and interact instead of sitting on a bench. The FitCore fitness equipment would be a perfect fit for the students as well as the surrounding neighborhood to be active and engaged in a healthy and safe setting. The Glenwood team, along with the Kiwanis Club of Downtown Evansville, is ready and eager to help with a community build and has several longstanding community supporters they look forward to working with again soon.

From one of their teachers: At Glenwood we currently have no equipment for our middle school aged students to play on or enjoy being outside. They have one black top with cracks and grass growing through it, broken backboards and basketball goals. We do have lots of wide open space to be used at any time for the project.

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