Demopolis Kiwanis Club

The city of Demopolis is home to approximately 7500 people and sits in the Blackbelt region of west central Alabama. In Greek, Demopolis means, “the people’s city.” We strive to live up to the title, and desire to foster a culture of stewardship and inclusion here. We are 56.4% Black, 43% White, and 0.6% other with a median income below $27,000. In a region of the state that often goes un-noticed, Demopolis is a successful outlier with a thriving public school system, evolving healthcare services, and growing industries to provide jobs. We understand that to make our dreams a reality, wishing is not enough, action is required.
In 2003 the Demopolis Kiwanis Club built a playground overlooking the waterfront of the Tombigbee Waterway. Since that time other community structures, such as a splash pad, a large pavilion, and interactive outdoor musical instruments have been added and it has become a place where our citizens can enjoy various community events. We wish to expand our existing facility with the addition of playground equipment designed for the physically challenged so that ALL of our citizens can enjoy this amazing area to its fullest.
The playground equipment and facility has been well maintained since the beginning. If we were to win this contest, the installation and maintenance of the equipment would be a partnership between the City of Demopolis and the Demopolis Kiwanis Club.

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