Altus Kiwanis Club

The Altus Kiwanis Club serves a small cultural diversified community with a vibrant history. We serve the local cotton farmers who established our town and Altus Air Force Base who train and certify pilots in the K46 Pegasus Air Refueler and the C-17 Globalmaster III Cargo Transporter. We are privileged to have such an assorted collection of people that are always coming and going. We strive to fulfill the needs of our community and its people and we feel the Play-For-All equipment will give all children a place to enjoy the outside, socialize with others and make new friends. The Play-For-All playground equipment encompasses that aspect and would enhance our City Park. The City Park already has cement sidewalks that would support the ability to get to this playground with strollers and wheelchairs. Numerous people use this park to walk while their kids are enjoying the swimming pool. Having a platform for this equipment would be funded by the money raised in conjunction with the City of Altus, Parks and Recreation Department. They have generously partnered with us on this project and are ready to start work. The Air Force Base will also provide assistance with helping hands. We have already discussed plans to move forward and are visioning this new Play for All equipment as an addition to our park.

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